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Seth Tane

Canal & Broadway

Seth Tane’s representational urban and rural landscape paintings illustrate the diversity of his subject matter, from the busy streets of New York City to the expansive vistas of the remote Southwest high desert.

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Artist Spotlight

Ron Kingswood

Canadian b. 1959

With a successful career spanning more than forty years, Ron Kingswood is renowned for his distinctive paintings of animals in their natural habitats. With his gestural brushstrokes and a lifelong study of the outdoors, Kingswood's work exists at the exciting intersection of naturalism, impressionism, and abstract expressionism. 

In the News

Ethel Fisher

Daily Post

Journalist, Carol A. Clark, covered the upcoming Ethel Fisher exhibition at LewAllen Galleries, "Portraits of the Sublime", in the March 30, 2024 edition of the Los Alamos Daily Post.


Essay Spotlight

Katherine Porter

Brilliance of Spontaneity Untamed

Over a remarkably distinguished career that spans nearly six decades and with work in the permanent collections of more than forty important national and international museums, Katherine Porter stands as one of the great women of American Abstract Painting.  

Video Spotlight

Minol Araki

At LewAllen Galleries

Art historian and independent scholar, Bonnie Lee, unpacks the life and extraordinary work of Minol Araki and his remarkable accomplishment in the “literati” tradition that he pursued throughout his very successful life.

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LewAllen Galleries

Est. 1976

LewAllen Galleries has been a pioneering force for contemporary and modern art for more than 47 years, maintaining a robust schedule of exciting exhibitions, publications, and educational programs.

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