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Albert Kotin

The New York School

The remarkable work and career of Albert Kotin (1907 – 1980) places him at the center of the first generation of the New York School and Abstract Expressionism in the years that followed the end of the Second World War. His spirited and protean body of paintings were part of this legendary avant-garde that included friends Jackson Pollock, Willem de Kooning, and Franz Kline, among others. 

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Artist Spotlight

Eileen David

American b. 1955

The masterful paintings of Eileen David are recognized for conveying the vibrant atmosphere of San Francisco through dynamic, heightened colors.

Essay Spotlight

Tom Palmore

Big Cats, Birds, and a Couple of Dogs

Pulling a rabbit out of a hat is not an easy trick, but pulling one out of a hat that’s suspended in midair truly is magic — or the illusion of it. Artist Tom Palmore’s recent painting, Magic, heightens the illusion through hype realism and a dash of the surreal...

In the News

Timothy Barr: My Nature

Los Alamos Daily Post

Timothy Barr’s celebrated oil on panel paintings intimately convey rustic stone walled farmhouses, majestic old trees, and tranquil lakes that embody the solitude and grandeur of American pastoral life Through years of experience...

Video Spotlight

Jason Kowalski

Heritage Traveler

In this short video, Jason Kowalski talks about individual artworks in the exhibition, Heritage Traveler, and invites viewers to look closer, as he has hidden within the paintings a variety of subtle materials, such as newspaper clippings, vintage maps...

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Est. 1976

LewAllen Galleries has been a pioneering force for contemporary and modern art for more than 47 years, maintaining a robust schedule of exciting exhibitions, publications, and educational programs.

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