LewAllen Galleries is proud to present a selection of Modernist art works from a prominent private collection. Primarily based in New York City, the artists included in this exhibition found inspiration in the city’s architecture, its dynamic energy, and the geometry of its avenues and skyscrapers. Though their subject matter is suggestive of this visceral urban atmosphere, these artists were viewed as radical in the United States for their experimentation with surrealism and cubism that straddled the line between semi-representational and fully non-objective imagery. These historically significant works are marked by an indisputably American optimistic spirit, full of bright colors, jazzy shapes and a sense of flatness that enfolds the surface. Working in the first part of the 20th century, artists like George L.K. Morris, Ralston Crawford, and Esphyr Slobodkina were staunch advocates for a new visual language in American art that prioritized metaphor, lyricism, and experimentation above any impulse for realism.