For more than 45 years, Tom Palmore has painted enchanting portraits of animals with a refined attention to detail, stunning technical prowess, and characteristic wit. His ultra-real renderings of animals are instantly recognizable for their surprising blend of humor, surrealism, and hyperrealism. In his new exhibition at LewAllen Galleries, Animal Encounters, Palmore’s art continues to playfully investigate the engaging traditions of portraiture, encouraging us to examine our reactions to a painted world where the expected is upended.

Vastly beyond literal replicas of wildlife, Palmore’s art mixes the clever, the absurd, the charming and, the surreal, and the provocative. Painted with incredible, ultra-fine brushwork, Palmore’s animals and birds pause from their lives in the wild to pose as models for Palmore, staged theatrically in front of backdrops ranging from curtains to petroglyphs, potted plants to toile de jouy.


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