Exhibition Opening Friday, April 27th   5-7PM

Emily Mason is a living icon of American lyrical abstraction. Her oil on canvas paintings are distinguished by their open-hearted attitude of intimacy combined with an uncompromising, though gentle intensity. They demonstrate a careful sense of structure, juxtaposing sweeping, luminous space with robust brushwork, drips and layers of color. Her art has often been described as musical; nonverbal in their orchestration, their colors and textures are composed with a singular impulse for hue, surface and transparency.

Although there is an inviting allure of mystery in Mason’s work that comes from her inner nature, there is also a sense of universal connection, both to the rhythms of nature and, from them, to the imagination of viewers. When discussing Emily Mason’s process, one can’t help but be reminded of the words of Agnes Martin: “Our inspirations come as a surprise to us. Following them our lives are fresh and unpredictable. The unfolding of potential, in obedience to inspiration, is happiness in life.” Her work evinces a vision that sees art not as a vehicle by which to imitate the observed but rather as a means to express its poetic resonances. For Mason, color is the carrier of expression, and her work becomes a kind of poetry of color. In making her art, she plumbs a rich internal reservoir of memory and feeling in order to draw spirit out from life. As Mason says, "I want a painting to take me to another place; that’s the painting experience itself.  It always calls up new things, a continuous process of discovery.”


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