Ed Mieczkowski, who died in June of 2017, was a well-recognized pioneer of Op Art in the 1960s and an artist who went on to make significant contributions to both Op and Geometric Abstraction during a career that spanned more than 60 years. His legacy is defined by what elevates his art beyond just Op: his lively compositions examine more closely not just the mechanism, but also the poetry of how we see; the relationship of the eye with both the mind and the soul.

The exhibition explores Mieczkowski's diverse artistic experiments with physical science and visual geometry as sources for aesthetic stimulation in two and three dimensions. Defining his own sense of the avant-garde over his long career, Mieczkowski continually plumbed the possibilities of geometry, mathematics, nuclear physics, optics and the science of light and the visible spectrum to create a large body of vibrant paintings, sculptures and multi-media constructions whose visual energy is achieved from the artist's unique ability to combine both carefully studied and intuitive arrangements and relationships between shapes, lines and colors.


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