Tom Palmore has enjoyed a much-admired career as an extraordinary hyperrealist painter for more than 45 years. Celebrated for his magical-realist paintings of portraits of animals, Palmore unveils in this exhibition a breathtaking series of drawings that reflect his remarkable technique as a draughtsman and his ability to captivate his viewer through incredible detail, clever titles, and playful allusions to art history. Rendering rabbits, bobcats, tropical birds, horses, and other creatures with a sense of nobility and refinement, Palmore reminds his audience that these remarkable beings can be regarded as partners alongside their human counterparts.

Picking up where the Old Masters left off in the tradition of portraiture, Palmore is regarded for representing his animals in the style of works commissioned by royals and celebrities.  Whether rendering in graphite a lion or a housecat, Palmore reveals in his images a sense of identity, pride, and personality, in a manner similar to that of the finest portraits painted of people in art history. Displaying a whimsical imagination, masterful technical expertise with drawing media, and a gifted eye for detail, Palmore’s hyper-realistic portraits offer a uniquely charming and cleverly witty confluence of skillful literalism and a magical-realist narrative.

Palmore pays pronounced attention to detail when rendering his portraits. His visual puns and creative backdrops lend his portraits a sense of humor that serves to draw viewers closer to the subject. His sensitive and reverential work to express the individual personalities of the animals he depicts serves as a catalyst for profound consideration that animals and humans are deserving of the same dignity and honor.


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