Moses has had a distinguished career of more than 54 years painting graceful visual responses to place through distinctive and complex rhythms of color, line, and form that reveal the sudden transcendent quality of the simple experience of being in nature. Quiet and meditative, his work is thought of as an art of intimation rather than disclosure. Changing seasons are suggested by subtle color harmonies, carefully balanced compositions include only the essentials for evocation, and a painterly fluidity informs each brushstroke.

This exhibition is the first solo show of Moses’s paintings since 2012 and brings together more than thirty works that together provide a survey of his artistic evolution over the past five decades. Included in the exhibit are foundational paintings – several from the artist’s personal collection – that embody Moses’ fluid interplay between the real-life locations inspiring his images and a resonant sense of the land emblematic of something universal. Rather than seeking to describe the landscape with verisimilitude, Moses’s goal is to transform it on canvas, manifesting what he calls “an expressionistic response to a figurative subject.” For Moses, painting is an act of reverence for the beauty inherent in the natural world, where the aesthetic of decay is as important as that of growth, and where he seeks to “capture the aliveness” of nature and convey its sense of the sacred.


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