With a career spanning more than five decades, abstract painter Sammy Peters composes multilayered canvases with an alchemical approach to material and image. Through the meticulous accumulation of texture, Peters’ art is admired for its unexpected modulations between opacity and translucency, color and patterning – the result of a singular combination of cold wax media, luminous resins, and richly saturated oils refined over Peters’ long-celebrated painting practice. In these works, an atmosphere of mystery is heightened by geometric forms made to float among backgrounds of sensuous texture.

Utilizing a painterly approach to materials descended from his own pedigree in Abstract Expressionism tracing back to the 1960s, Peters’ fields of animated brushwork, paper and fabric are as shrewdly composed as they are improvisational. Peters incorporates a variety of pictorial conventions ranging from semiotics to decoupage, and as a result, his canvases reference the full implications of collage – its textural sophistication as well as its depth of associations. As a result, his coarse, well-worn surfaces evoke a sensation of timelessness that alludes to the breadth of human mark-making through history.


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