LewAllen Modern is honored to present this exhibition of 25 exquisite oil paintings of primarily New Mexico and Colorado landscape by the late Rick Howell.  Howell’s  work deftly fuses the influences of the Old Masters, the American Romantic Landscape movement, and the tonal qualities, color, loose brushwork, and softness of form displayed in the Barbizon school.  Howell takes his place alongside other innovative LewAllen masters of landscape painting as a truly inspired impressionistic interpreter of the visual poetry of landscape. While Howell was intentionally neither purely a realist nor an impressionist, his works combine these influences and convey both the earthly and the ethereal to capture the essence of the locale. A master of light, color, and shadow, Howell creates highly ordered and complex scenes, which consciously juxtapose hazy or blurred elements with sharp and refined details. His work utilizes the tone of colored atmosphere or mist to elicit emotional response. His paintings were made en plein air and convey the direct immediacy of his vision and experience of the land's quiet beauty. They reverentially evoke an interweaving of the physical and the spiritual and engage the viewer by eliciting the emotional powers of both the "visible and the invisible" in a simultaneous experience.


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