Beachstones #5 by Skip Steinworth

Without embellishment of color and rendered with extraordinary finesse and minimal context, Steinworth’s radiant drawings - ironically, often of ephemeral objects - reach for the infinite. Steinworth states, “It’s a process of mentally deconstructing, analyzing and distilling the visual essence of a subject.” In his hands, a potted plant becomes far more than just a potted plant: effortlessly, he transcends subject matter by capturing its ultimate, almost spiritual essence, what Ingres called its “inner form.”

While Steinworth’s drawings, according to Art Scene Magazine, are “gutsy in their rejection of bombast,” they retain a remarkable energy in their masterful composition, evocation of light, space, and form. Like the Dutch and French old masters before him, Steinworth pays careful, almost obsessive attention to arrangement, lighting, scale and subject matter, elevating the everyday to resplendent expression.

Skip Steinworth lives and works in Minnesota. After receiving a Master's Degree from St. Cloud University, Steinworth has found acclaim, exhibiting at galleries such as Forum Gallery and MB Modern in New York City and Louis Newman Galleries in Beverly Hills. His work is the permanent collections of the Minneapolis Art Institute, the Art Institute of Chicago, among others. Most recently, Steinworth was honored with a solo exhibition at the Evansville Museum of Art.


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Skip Steinworth
Beachstones #5
Graphite on board
20" x 30"