Breccia by Carmen Vetter

Balancing spontaneity with meticulous craftsmanship, Carmen Vetter forges elaborate glass arrangements that reflect her interest in both optical perception and artistic intuition. By layering various textures of frit and powdered glass in multiple firings, Vetter builds complex surfaces – oftentimes resulting in vibrant contrasts of light, color and luster.  She plays with patterning, scale, and symmetry in the organic terrain of her kiln formed wall pieces. In another body of work, her bas-relief Op-Art inflected designs investigate the mechanics of seeing, as the tension between perceived flatness and tangible three-dimensionality confound any attempt to fully discern Vetter’s work at first glance. Regarding the hypnotic moiré patterns she creates, Vetter notes, "I am interested in the juxtaposition of opposites: give and take; push and pull. The dynamics of relationship are an ongoing theme in my work."

A rising star of the glass world, Carmen Vetter has been working with kiln-formed glass since 1999. She has served as a guest lecturer at the esteemed Pilchuck Glass School and has been honored with multiple solo-exhibitions over the course of her young career. Vetter lives and works in Portland, Oregon.


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Carmen Vetter
Breccia , 2017
Kiln-formed glass
21" x 42" x 1.75"