Altered State by Sharon Booma

The art of Sharon Booma transfigures personal artifacts and natural materials into the principal elements of a profoundly expressive and highly individualized visual language.

Hybridizing the methodologies of Arte Povera and Abstract Expressionism, Booma’s recent paintings engender a dramatic collision between the untended and the consummately prepared. Embracing the modesty of such materials as string, pumice, and weathered hardware appropriated from sites that define the artist’s personal history, her deeply resonant works elevate the commonplace into a foundation for the evocation of both nostalgia and sublimity. Tempering a bracing physicality with the exquisite lyricism of harmonized painterly gestures, her new works further extend the remarkable artistic range of a leading talent within contemporary abstraction.

Educated at the College of New Rochelle, NY, and the University of Connecticut School of Fine Arts, Booma has been exhibiting her work since 1986. The artist is celebrated for her ability to achieve equilibrium in each of her compositions by means of a meticulous synchronization of superficially disharmonious elements inclusive of incendiary color fields, elemental geometrics, deeply layered oils, and diverse mixed media applied to panel or paper. Controlled by the structural boundaries imposed by both the canvas and the painted forms themselves, the effect is that of a carefully realized harmony sustained with razor‐sharp precision.


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Sharon Booma
Altered State , 2016
Oil and mixed media on panel
60" x 48" x 2"