Act Natural by Brent Godfrey

In varying degrees of abstraction and representation, Brent Godfrey translates objects, figures, and landscapes into physical metaphor, creating paintings that explore identity, memory, interpersonal relationships, and social conventions. His paintings lure and entertain with nostalgia or humor, while provoking a sense of uncertainty that prods us to look closely and think.

In the intersection between abstraction and representation personal associations arise as if through the haze of a memory. He says of his work that, “sometimes the more abstract a work becomes the better it communicates emotional and physical realities. The drips, splashes, smears and scratches in my paintings are not merely interest points. I am consciously layering content.” Godfrey employs his skillful technical abilities to engage with buried childhood and family memories along with a near mythic specter of the natural world, blurring boundaries and creating an almost magical realism. His work challenges notions of personal identity, individual memory, and cultural symbols, figures.

Raised in Utah, Godfrey graduated cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts from Weber State University before completing a Master of Education from Brigham Young University, and continuing his painting studies in Italy. A professional painter for over 25 years, he has been featured internationally in museum and gallery exhibitions, and significant solo shows, including representing the United States at the 2007 Florence Biennial.


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Brent Godfrey
Act Natural , 2015
Oil on panel
48" x 48"