Portrait of Paul Signac by Joseph Victor Roux Champion (1871-1953)

A watercolorist inspired by Impressionism, a multi-talented artist, a friend of Matissa, Rouault and Renoir, Victor-Joseph Roux-Champion successfully experimented with the most diverse techniques. A high-marl painter, Roux-Champion made his first exhibition in Paris in 1897 and appeared at the Salon des Indépendants. Painter of flowers and fruits, he also created many landscapes, usually engraved or executed in watercolor. He was also a frequent traveler, venturing to Brittany, Normandy, Belgium, Provence and of course the French Riviera where he made the acquaintance of Renoir. His manner of painting has sometimes been compared to that of the Impressionists and Nabis, of whom he has been influenced.

Joseph Victor Roux Champion (1871-1953)
Portrait of Paul Signac , 1927
Etching & Aquatint on Paper
7.5" x 5"