Bowl (9804) by David Joy

Born and raised in Boston, David Joy was trained as an undergraduate at Framingham State College in stoneware glazes and raku firing.  He went on to earn an MA in ceramics at the University of New Mexico in the late 1970s.  After spending six years in Albuquerque, during which he explored high temperature saggar firing using an array of organic materials, he returned to the East Coast.  He currently serves as art department chair and teaches ceramics at Chestnut Hill Academy in Philadelphia.


Joy has been exhibiting simple, vessel-like forms since the early 1980s.  The simplicity of the ceramics is counterbalanced by the complexity of their surface designs, which, rather than iconographic symbols, are lines and traces abstracted from nature.  The organic beauty of Joy’s geometrical forms, predominantly orbs and double-walled bowls colored in soft, earthen hues, suggest a variety of historical associations, but are by no means simply primitive or archaeological.


Joy has commented: “While hoping to evoke in the viewer a desire to reconnect with some of the more satisfying and enriching aspects of the past, these are objects that are of our time reflecting a wide interpretation of ideas that can be at once both complex and sometimes contradictory.”


Since the early 1980s, Joy has been perfecting the art of producing emotionally resonant vessel-like forms that have been positively reviewed by leading national ceramic publications.  He has been exhibiting his sculptures in solo and group exhibitions nationwide, and has also lectured widely as a visiting artist.


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David Joy
Bowl (9804) , 2005
12" x 19" x 19"